The citizen action group “Moms Across America” have been galvanizing people to stand up and be counted when it comes to labelling GM food in the US. 

The campaign; "Patriotism on a Plate" used Independence Day to promote the campaign, organising hundreds of marches for ordinary people, calling it “a true celebration of TRUTH in labelling, JUSTICE for future generations and LIBERTY for ALL to know what is in their food.”

See this excellent report by Laura Evans from Fox News on GM and the Moms Across America March:

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Moms Across America; (MAAM) was formed in the aftermath of the defeat of Proposition 37 the proposal to label GM food in California last November.

The huge amount of money spent by the GM industry to stamp out attempts to label GM foods has not gone unnoticed by American citizens. The 'right to know' has become an American mantra, and this pursuit for transparency about food, combined with the remarkable efforts by Moms Across America has led to over half of the states in America proposing labelling laws.

Many political experts are now predicting that it is only a matter of time before proposals are brought forward to make labelling of GM foods mandatory, as they are in 62 other countries across the globe. Some companies are taking matters into their own hands, like the Non-GMO Project, which independently verifies the GM-free status of thousands of products, and their label gives consumers the confidence when shopping to know exactly what they're feeding their families.

Add this to the the declaration by Whole Foods to label all their GM products by 2018, and the recent move by Chipotle to identify GM products on their menus, and it should become obvious for those in power that the tide is finally turning on GMO transparency in the US.