How slick PR hides the truth about GMOs

(15th Feb 2015) A new report says that since 2012, agrichemical companies and food industries have spent more than $100 million in the US on an ongoing PR campaign to defend genetically engineered food and crops and the pesticides that go with them. It claims they have “manipulated the media, public opinion and politics with sleazy tactics, bought science and PR spin.”

Unethical GM rice study finally withdrawn

(4th Aug 2015) Support for genetically engineered Golden Rice is likely to be undermined as a Court decision leads to the retraction of a key study due to "multiple irregularities".

Health risks of Glyphosate

(13th Feb 2015) The evidence that glyphosate based herbicides pose a significant threat to health is mounting. Individual studies and papers - though valuable - do not convey the total impact and they are rarely put together. Thierry Vrain has done that and has produced a compelling and chilling narrative.

Soy Moratorium reduces Amazon deforestation so extend it to GMOs

(16th Feb 2015) Traders and retailer action is reported to have drastically reduced deforestation in Brazil. Now it’s time for action on GM soybeans.

What happened when a Mom met Monsanto

(15th Feb 2015) At the end of January, the force of nature that is Moms Across America’s Zen Honeycutt faced Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant and his board at the Monsanto shareholders Annual Meeting. There were some surprising results.

What every politician should know about GMOs - but hardly any of them does

(19th September 2014) On both sides of the Atlantic citizens are increasingly concerned about the use of GMOs in farming and food production but their questions and objections are continually ignored by governments and politicians. A pro-GMO mindset dominates the research establishment, the media and politics. Vested interest plays a part in this but so does ignorance.

GMO industry links: researchers object to freedom of information requests

(12th Feb 2015) State funded GMO researchers fear industry links will be exposed

"Caution is due" over GM crops says Times editorial

(8th Jan 2015) The pro –GM leading newspaper urges labelling of GM fed livestock products and holding GM farmers accountable for contamination

Putin's GMO labelling Christmas gift

(1st Jan 2015) On Christmas Eve the Russian President signed a federal law which will penalise individuals and companies who incorrectly label genetically engineered products

Shed indifference: celebrate the (non GMO) seeds that feed us

(28th Sept 2014) The Great Seed Festival is a cultural, technical and educational extravaganza taking place in London and the UK on the 10th to 12th October; with fringe events throughout the month

GMO OMG: London premiere of the award winning film

(26th Sept. 2014) As part of the Great Seed Festival, GMO OMG will be screened at The Garden Museum, Lambeth on 10th October starting at 6.30.