GMO herbicide found in breast milk of American women

(9th April 2014 Glyphosate Health Risks) The pesticide and GMO industry has always said this couldn't happen. This discovery raises new concerns about the safety and regulation of glyphosate - the active ingredient in Roundup which is the world's most used herbicide and a key part of genetically engineered cropping.

Increased seizure risk in autistic children - is there a GM link?

(GMO health risks: 17th April 2014) An accidental discovery has linked the use of soy in infant formula to increased rates of seizures in autistic children. It raises critical questions. Is genetically engineered soya a factor? And can control diets in US research trials be trusted?

US farmers told to go back to traditional methods as GMO pest resistant crops fail

(10th April 2014, Pests in GMO farming) Crops genetically engineered to repel and kill pests are failing. Pest resistance is escalating at an unforeseen rate and so farmers are being told by GMO companies to reintroduce traditional crop rotations to fight pests.

Episode 2 A transparent plan

A transparent plan: Episode 2: A Transparent Plan
"This is a massive experiment with our health we call genetic engineering; it's based on failed promises and flawed science all to benefit the bottom line of a commercial enterprise."

Glyphosate: The GMO pathway to ill health and disease

(27th Feb 2014) Glyphosate is the main component of the world's most widely used herbicide and it underpins most GMO cropping. It is claimed that it is one of the safest herbicides ever made. But it does disrupt bacteria; and some scientists are linking it to diseases which are increasing globally and especially in the US and Europe.

Peddling GMOs to Africa: EU Chief Scientist faces sharp criticism as she heads on GM sales trip.

(18th Feb 2014) Anne Glover - off to promote GMOs in Ethiopia - is being heavily criticised for the claims she is making for GM technology. Next week Prof Glover will join other pro-GM evangelists in Addis Ababa selling their rusted "silver bullets" and snake oil technology packages to African researchers, governments and the "civil society" elites.

Secret liaisons between UK Ministers and GMO lobby group

(GMO lobby influence, 15th April 2014)The UK government is refusing to release information about Ministerial contacts with GMO industry lobbyists

France moves to extend GMO maize ban

(GMO law: 16th April 2014)The French National Assembly has passed a law banning the cultivation of all genetically engineered maize (corn)

GMO contamination damages global food trade

(GMO trade, 21st Mar 2014) FAO says GMO contamination of food supplies is increasing dramatically and is damaging international trade

Clone Wars in Europe

(GMO food safety, 20th March 2014) EU Commission (EC) proposals on animal cloning have been heavily criticised by the European Parliament (EP) health and food safety committee

GMO biofuels: a failing pipedream

(GMO business news, 17th March 2014) The forced sale of biotech company LS9, a "leader" in the field of synthetic biology, highlights that "plans" to make biofuels from genetically engineered microbes remains an economic pipedream