UK Government and GMO industry collusion exposed

(9th June 2014) Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal how foreign GMO companies have muscled their way into government departments and have developed a cosy relationship with ministers. They expose government collusion with the GMO industry to promote GMO technology, agree PR messages and blacklist critical journalists.

How will the new EU team line up on GMOs, TTIP and Energy?

(11th Sept 2014; revised 11/9/14) The new EU President says he will be looking for a more democratic approach to GMO authorisations and transatlantic trade. He is also making radical and ambitious proposals for an Energy Union that will be “the world’s number one in renewable energies”. But are his Commissioners – “Team Juncker” - fit for purpose?

Cancer deaths double in Argentina's GMO and intensive cropping areas

(6th July 2014) A report by the Ministry of Health in Córdoba, Argentina reveals that deaths from cancerous tumours are double the national average in areas where genetically engineered crops are grown and agro-chemicals are used.

GMO Cotton growers apply to use unlicensed pesticide on 3 million acres in Texas

(7th July 2014) Environmental Protection Agency considering request to use highly toxic propazine as GMO cotton runs into trouble

Salmon Wars

(6th June 2014) US Senators vote to label genetically engineered salmon but the Food and Drug Administration has got rid of the committee which advised against its approval

Deceitful compromise clears the way for GMO crops in Europe

(30th May 2014; revised 31/5) An unholy alliance of pro and anti- GMO countries have struck a deal that will sweep away the obstacles to genetically engineered crops in the EU.

GMO lobby sees Juncker Commission as bad news

(12th Sept 2014) The GMO lobby is worried that the new EU President has promised his Commission will be “more political” than its predecessor.

GMOs in Oregon: good news and bad news

(21st July 2014) GMO labelling bill wins through to a state ballot but Department of Agriculture says it has no power to enact GMO crop laws.

Hillary Clinton: Presidential Candidate for the GMO industry?

(7th July 2014) If she runs and gets elected to the White House in 2016 she'll push the GMO industry agenda. Meanwhile she wants to help them with their "semantics".

New US consumer poll shows massive rejection of GMO foods

(11th June 2014) 72% of US consumers want to avoid genetically engineered food and over 90% want it labelled

China bans more US imports to stop GMO contamination

(9th June 2014) Imports of US distillers dried grains used in animal feed have been halted. US exporters have now lost up to $2.9 billion due to Chinese action against GMO contamination